The Christian Scorecard

I confess I’ve kept a scorecard when I started climbing the corporate ladder. I kept count of all the bugfixes and features I did, and I wrote it as my status on my company IM profile. I did it for many reasons — to put out an ever-visible object that spurs my motivation, to keep […]

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Follow Me

Apparently I have a gift of rallying people under a vision. I can say this because not a year goes by that I do not start groups of people who will voluntarily work towards something futuristic and risky. This year, despite of a pandemic, is no exception. I am writing this because I feel completely […]

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Plan A, Plan B, to Plan Z

Exactly just last month I did something crazy. I quit my dayjob in the middle of a global pandemic. “I could easily land another lucrative dayjob. I could go back to being a senior software developer. If I want to, I could switch careers and qualify as a project manager. Heh, I could even apply […]

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I’ve been coding software using OOP principles for over 15+ years. To those outside of the computer science industry, OOP stands for Object-Oriented-Programming, which is a widely practiced programming principle from students to professionals. One reason why OOP is very famous is because it is very intuitive (I practiced it as a child without me […]

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Analyzing Weakness

“I will rather glory in my weaknesses..” Those words baffled me. How could someone seriously boast in his weakness? Aren’t weaknesses detestable, even shameful? Doesn’t it devalue us as honorable respect-worthy humans? Shouldn’t we hate it, eliminate it, kill it, so that we may grow into maturity? Aren’t the purpose of all those leadership programs, […]

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